Essential tips for young cubs in Cougar Dating

Dating a cougar woman is quite one of the best dating experience that any young cub have in life. There are many older women out there that...

How to pick a cougar woman in a party

Picking a random cougar woman in a party or a bar is quite one of the most difficult task for young cubs. It needs tons of confidence and guts to ask for a date to an older woman. As you don’t know that cougar woman is interested in cougar dating or not and you only have to guess. Sometime things won’t go right and you have to face embarrassing moment. Some guys don’t want to face this embarrassing situation and don’t dare to approach in front of her and ask for a date. By this they lose a potential cougar woman because they don’t know how to approach a random cougar woman in front of public areas or in party or pubs.

This article is all about how to approach or pick an older woman in a party, pub or in public place and ask her for a date. Follow these essential tips if you already face the same situation and let go the opportunity to date her.

Here are the tips to pick a cougar woman in a party.

Whenever you are in a party or a pub, it is more important to analyze first which woman you are interested and to whom you want to take out for a date. There are many choices in a party and pubs but you can’t target each and everyone so it’s better to select the one you are more interested to date.

Cougar woman are basically two types who want a cougar life, one that is looking for serious dating and relationship and not interested in causal dating or one night stand. It is always hard to impress this kind of older women dating in a party especially when you didn’t meet her before. The other one I is your type and you can find it quite easy to take her out for a date. They are more interested in casual dating or one night stand and believe in having fun. They are not bound to any commitment and don’t even want to be committed with them. These women are quite easy to pick and there are always less chances to get embarrassed in public if she is not interested in you.

But it is quite hard to find which type of cougar woman you are interested in or targeting. So, the first step is always to make an eye contact with her and let her notice your presence. If she is interested in you, she will too make an eye contact with you and it’s the best time to approach her and offer a drink for her. Start introducing about yourself and then ask the same from her. Don’t forget to ask her that is she alone or with someone else here in this party. Turn your conversation to dating and especially about cougar dating and check her reaction. If she is not interested, she might take a leave from you and making any excuse but if she is really interested, she will start sharing her experience too. That’s the best time to ask her to go out and have fun without wasting any time.